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Polymorphic Searches

When making searches from polymorphic models it is necessary to specify the type of model you are searching.

For example:

Given two models

class House < ActiveRecord::Base
has_one :location, as: :locatable

class Location < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :locatable, polymorphic: true

Normally (without polymorphic relationship) you would be able to search as per below:

Location.ransack(locatable_number_eq: 100).result

However when this is searched you will get the following error

ActiveRecord::EagerLoadPolymorphicError: Can not eagerly load the polymorphic association :locatable

In order to search for locations by house number when the relationship is polymorphic you have to specify the type of records you will be searching and construct your search as below:

Location.ransack(locatable_of_House_type_number_eq: 100).result

note the _of_House_type_ added to the search key. This allows Ransack to correctly specify the table names in SQL join queries.

For namespaced models you should use a quoted string containing the standard Ruby module notation

Location.ransack('locatable_of_Residences::House_type_number_eq' => 100).result