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Custom predicates

If you'd like to add your own custom Ransack predicates:

# config/initializers/ransack.rb

Ransack.configure do |config|
config.add_predicate 'equals_diddly', # Name your predicate
# What non-compound ARel predicate will it use? (eq, matches, etc)
arel_predicate: 'eq',
# Format incoming values as you see fit. (Default: Don't do formatting)
formatter: proc { |v| "#{v}-diddly" },
# Validate a value. An "invalid" value won't be used in a search.
# Below is default.
validator: proc { |v| v.present? },
# Should compounds be created? Will use the compound (any/all) version
# of the arel_predicate to create a corresponding any/all version of
# your predicate. (Default: true)
compounds: true,
# Force a specific column type for type-casting of supplied values.
# (Default: use type from DB column)
type: :string,
# Use LOWER(column on database).
# (Default: false)
case_insensitive: true

You can check all Arel predicates here.

If Arel does not have the predicate you are looking for, consider monkey patching it:

# config/initializers/ransack.rb

module Arel
module Predications
def gteq_or_null(other)
left = gteq(other)
right = eq(nil)

Ransack.configure do |config|
config.add_predicate 'gteq_or_null', arel_predicate: 'gteq_or_null'