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Ransack will help you easily add searching to your Rails application, without any additional dependencies.

There are advanced searching solutions around, like ElasticSearch or Algolia. Ransack will do the job for many Rails websites, without the need to run additional infrastructure or work in a different language. With Ransack you do it all with standard Ruby and ERB.

Ready to move beyond the basics? Use advanced features like i18n and extensive configuration options.

Ransack is supported for Rails 7.0, 6.x on Ruby 2.6.6 and later.


To install ransack and add it to your Gemfile, run

gem 'ransack'

Bleeding edge​

If you would like to use the latest updates not yet published to RubyGems, use the main branch:

gem 'ransack', :github => 'activerecord-hackery/ransack', :branch => 'main'

Demo application​

The Ransack Demo application shows how to create simple and advanced search forms for your Ruby on Rails application.

Issues tracker​

  • Before filing an issue, please read the Contributing Guide.
  • File an issue if a bug is caused by Ransack, is new (has not already been reported), and can be reproduced from the information you provide.
  • Please consider adding a branch with a failing spec describing the problem.
  • Contributions are welcome. πŸ˜ƒ
  • Please do not use the issue tracker for personal support requests. Stack Overflow is a better place for that where a wider community can help you!


To support the project:

  • Consider supporting us via Open Collective
  • Use Ransack in your apps, and let us know if you encounter anything that's broken or missing. A failing spec to demonstrate the issue is awesome. A pull request with passing tests is even better!
  • Before filing an issue or pull request, be sure to read and follow the Contributing Guide.
  • Please use Stack Overflow or other sites for questions or discussion not directly related to bug reports, pull requests, or documentation improvements.
  • Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere if Ransack's been useful to you. The more people who are using the project, the quicker we can find and fix bugs!


Ransack was created by Ernie Miller and is developed and maintained by:

Alumni Maintainers

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.


Thank you to all our backers! πŸ™ [Become a backer]


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