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Advanced Mode

"Advanced" searches Rails's nested attributes functionality in order to generate complex queries with nested AND/OR groupings, etc. This takes a bit more work but can generate some pretty cool search interfaces that put a lot of power in the hands of your users.

A notable drawback with these searches is that the increased size of the parameter string will typically force you to use the HTTP POST method instead of GET.

Tweak your routes

resources :people do
collection do
match 'search' => 'people#search', via: [:get, :post], as: :search

Add a controller action

def search
render :index

Update your form

<%= search_form_for @q, url: search_people_path,
html: { method: :post } do |f| %>

Once you've done so, you can make use of the helpers in Ransack::Helpers::FormBuilder to construct much more complex search forms, such as the one on the demo app (source code here).